The dynamic naphthenate deposit rigs have been designed and fabricated in-house within Scaled Solutions and give a new and more realistic approach to standard naphthenate bottle testing. Our unique design allows the user to mix brine and oil at high shear rates to allow naphthenates to form if present. The rig has glass separator cells to allow visual assessment of emulsions, as well as differential pressure to determine deposits of naphthenate solids.

  • Unique rig design
  • Rigs rated up to 1400psi and 100°C
  • All wetted parts manufactured from corrosion resistant alloys
  • Glass test separator to allow visual assessment of test result
  • Crude Oil and brine can be sampled
  • Separately for further analysis

If you are interested in purchasing a rig, or if you have another area in which we can assist, please contact us.