Our Houston Laboratory

Over the last two years, we have been further expanding our global facilities, venturing into the USA. We opened our Houston office in 2018 and our Houston laboratory a few months later in 2019. After a very uncertain year, we are pleased to finally have our US laboratory open and conducting a number of works.

Our Houston facilities allow us to exclusively support our local clientele in America, offering a wide range of services and capabilities.

Our services in the US

  • Consultancy & Modelling
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Static Inhibition Performance Testing
  • Dynamic Tube Blocking Performance Testing
  • Kinetic Turbidity Testing
  • Thermal Ageing
  • Scale Dissolver Testing
  • SI Adsorption Tests
  • Formation Damage/ Chemical Return Core Flooding

Physical compatibility tests with brines, hydrocarbons, elastomers and other production chemicals

Scale inhibitor tests for performance tests, dynamic flow loop performance tests and chemical compatibility tests with other production chemicals

Core flood tests for application specific for squeeze applications. SI return core tests and formation damage core tests

Technical Manager US

Our newly appointed Technical Manager for US is a familiar face to us at Scaled Solutions. Ian Littlehales was one of our very first employees who helped build our company up to where it is today. We are pleased to welcome him back, now as our Technical Manager for our Houston facilities.

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