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Jun 26, 2019

Inorganic Scale

Conventional Inorganic Scale Formation and Inhibition

We provide the opportunity to perform scale formation and scale inhibition in routine testing studies of conventional scales such as carbonate / sulphate scales. 

Scale Formation

Our services include review of field data, scale prediction modelling and consultancy to assist in understanding the potential and location of scale deposition in production systems. We can provide supportive laboratory testing to form scale deposits, under field representative conditions which are supported with analytical services to qualitative and quantitatively characterise the scales formed.

Scale Inhibition

Static inhibition and dynamic tube blocking scale inhibition protocols have been established together with custom designed equipment to allow performance tests to be completed in more representative field application conditions for today’s ever more challenging production environments. In addition, we can also provide static adsorption tests to screen the ability of different scale inhibitors in terms of their adsorption, retention or formation damage to reservoir rock material. 

Exotic Inorganic Scale Formation and Inhibition

In addition the more common, conventional scales, Scaled Solutions Ltd is a leader in providing facilities in examining scale formation and inhibition of more exotic scales. Improved understanding of the mechanisms and chemical interactions required for the control of such scales would be expected to assist chemical supply companies in developing more effective chemicals for their control. We have a proven track record in examining scales such as:

  • Iron scales (e.g. iron sulphate and iron carbonate)
  • Sulphide scales (e.g. zinc sulphide,
    lead sulphide and iron sulphide)

  • Silicates (e.g. calcium silicate, magnesium
    silicate and iron silicate)

  • Halite
We can also can provide Innovative R and D support facilities to investigate less know or examined exotic scale types. We have established specialized test protocols and equipment to test under anaerobic conditions, and can also investigate at high temperatures and pressures.