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Jun 26, 2019


Corrosion Inhibition and Testing
Scaled Solutions Ltd offers a wide variety of corrosion testing services. With a dedicated corrosion testing laboratory and team of staff, we have the capability to perform comprehensive corrosion inhibitor screening studies, with the test conditions and test methodologies tailored to suit customers’ specific requirements.
In addition to standard electrochemical and coupon weight loss screening techniques under ambient and elevated pressure conditions, other established testing techniques at Scaled Solutions Ltd include jet impingement, under deposit corrosion, top of the line corrosion, and volatile corrosion inhibitor content. These techniques are accompanied by the ability to conduct optical and scanning electron microscopy and pit depth measurements for pitting analysis, and to carry out corrosion modelling.
Corrosion Testing Capabilities
  • Electrochemical screening tests including:
     - LPR bubble tests
     - higher shear RCE testing

  • Ambient pressure coupon weight loss tests including:
     - bubble tests
    rotating wheel tests

  • High pressure high temperature autoclave testing including:
    - HPHT LPR tests
    - rotating cage coupon weight loss tests

  • Application-specific testing including:
     - Inhibitor partitioning
    - film persistency
    - jet impingement
    - under deposit corrosion
     - artificial pitting
    preferential weld corrosion
    - volatile corrosion inhibitor content
    top of the line corrosion

  • Testing under sweet (CO2) and sour (H2S) conditions.

  • As well as testing of corrosion inhibition performance, related testing including foaming and emulsion tendency, the effect on and of other production chemicals, thermal aging and chemical and materials compatibility testing can also be conducted.