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Jun 26, 2019

Chemical Deployment

Chemical deployment considerations are a crucial aspect in chemical selection studies. Chemicals may perform well in inhibition performance tests but should also be screened for their suitability with respect to the method of deployment required in the field or production facilities. At Scaled Solutions Ltd we provide laboratory testing services to test additional aspects such as:-
  • Compatibility testing
    • Chemical/ brine compatibility
    • Chemical/ chemical compatibility (e.g. SI/ SI, SI/ CI, SI/ MEG, SI/ MEOH)
    • Chemical/ fluids production compatibility
      • Emulsion/ demulsifier testing (link to emulsion)
      • Anti foam/ foam collapse testing
    • Materials compatibility (e.g. elastomer, metal compatibility)
  • Chemical application via gas lift system
  • Chemical application via capillary string system
We can also can provide innovative R and D support facilities to investigate less well examined chemical delivery systems