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Jun 26, 2019

Performance Tests

Scaled Solutions Ltd has state of the art facilities for chemical selection under field representative conditions including scale formation and inhibition under both conventional (aerobic) and fully anaerobic conditions. This allows routine testing of common carbonate / sulphate scales, in addition to more exotic scales such as Fe/Pb/Zn Sulphides. The chemical test facilities are supported by extensive analytical support services.

All testing is supported by our in-house consultancy and scale prediction modelling at all stages of study. Click
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We can provide stand alone or wholly integrated testing solutions.
Several specialised test protocols have been established together with custom designed equipment to allow performance tests to be completed in more representative field application conditions for today’s ever more challenging production environments. These include gas lift and gas treatment test facilities, anaerobic testing for more exotic scales, dynamic calcium naphthenate tests, electrochemical corrosion testing in multi-phase systems and HP/HT test facilities.

Scaled Solutions Ltd are specialists in chemical qualification studies. We provide consultancy and laboratory testing services to select suitable chemicals for field and production facility application. We can recommend full testing programs and provide the test services and chemical selection recommendations. The laboratory testing will be conducted under field representative conditions and routinely includes consideration with respect to inorganic scale formation and inhibition and chemical deployment considerations.


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