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Jun 26, 2019

Equipment Design and Build

Scaled Solutions Ltd designs and builds all the test rigs used in its laboratories.  In addition, rigs can be custom built for sale to clients. The benefits of purchasing your test equipment from Scaled Solutions Ltd are as follows:

  • All rig designs sold and manufactured by Scaled Solutions Ltd are used on a daily basis within Scaled Solutions Ltd meaning you can buy with the confidence that the rigs are “fit for purpose”
  • All rig building projects include the option for the customer to send their staff to Scaled Solutions Ltd for 5 or 10 days “hands on” training
  • Before dispatch, all rigs are fully tested and commissioned (up to their maximum working pressure and temperature) to ensure the rig will meet the customers requirements when delivered
  • All rig building projects include time for Scaled Solutions Ltd staff to travel to the customers site to set up and install the rig
  • After the first year’s warranty , services contracts are now available which means in the unlikely event of a failure, Scaled Solutions Ltd holds stock of any critical part which could lead to rig downtime
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