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Jun 26, 2019


Water Injection operations in oilfields produce further potential sources of formation damage resulting in reduced injectivity and thus reduced productivity. In addition to formation damage testing to support producer well operations, Scaled Solutions Ltd has extensive experience in laboratory testing to examine water injection feasibility.

The global trend towards reducing water disposal has led to significant requirements to validate produced water specifications. The Core Analysis team has developed a number of test protocols to evaluate the formation damage potential of produced waters which may include suspended solids, remnant hydrocarbons and production chemicals. In addition to this the potential for scaling through injection of incompatible mixed brines can be investigated in core testing.

As with standard testing, PWRI core testing is complimented by geological and petrographic assessment of core material to characterise the formation, determine pore throat size, mineralogical composition, clay fraction, amongst others. Diagnostic analyses can also be performed to investigate potential damage mechanisms identified by PWRI core testing.

Core Logging & Visual Description


Thin Section
CT scanning – 3rd Party
Mercury Injection Porosimetry (MICP) – 3rd Party
XRay Diffraction (XRD) – 3rd Party
Multi Failure Stress (MFS) / Triaxial Compressive Strength (TCS) – 3rd Party