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Jun 26, 2019

Inhibitor Return

Reservoir condition core flood experiments are utilised to examine a range of production chemicals, in particular for scale removal and mitigation. Core tests are effectively utilised for management of field specific scaling issues, when they are included as part of a series of tests to select ‘Best in Class’ scale inhibitors, for either production or produced / sea water injection wells. The primary aim of core testing is to evaluate (1) formation damage potential, and (2) to determine the chemical efficiency, e.g. the potential return lifetime in the case of scale inhibitors.
Scale inhibitor retention and release core floods can be performed either in isolation or in combination with formation damage / injectivity assessment. Scaled Solutions Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience of all current inhibitor technologies and have been integral in the development of appropriate analytical techniques to determine inhibitor concentration.
The inhibitor return data is used to derive a release isotherm specific to the chemical under the test conditions. Our in-house Place-iT™  is utilised for field treatment modelling using the return isotherm to relate the core test results to the field scale.
Scaled Solutions Ltd also undertakes a number of Joint Industry Projects with industry and the Core Analysis team have contributed to recent investigations into appropriate test protocols for inhibitor return testing to avoid potential lab artefacts.
In addition to standard inhibitor return testing protocols, Scaled Solutions Ltd provides a complete testing service encompassing:
  •          High Temperature / High Pressure (HTHP) conditions (up to T = 200°C)
  •          “Three-Phase” Gas/Oil/Brine
  •          Viscous fluids
  •          Dual Core Tests