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Jun 26, 2019

Formation Damage

“A reduction of permeability around the wellbore which is the consequence of drilling, completion, injection, chemical treatment, attempted stimulation or production of that well”
The Core Analysis Team at Scaled Solutions Ltd employs state of the art core flooding equipment and techniques to evaluate oilfield chemicals for potential field use. Scaled Solutions Ltd's formation damage capabilities cover reservoir condition core flood testing for a wide range of field chemical treatment activities including:

  • Drilling and Clean-up
  • Completion
  • Stimulation
  • Production
  • Injection
  • Workover
This enables us to examine a full range of treatment systems; Inhibitors; Dissolvers; Diverters; Biocides; Drilling Fluids; Completion Fluids etc.
In addition to standard formation damage testing protocols, Scaled Solutions Ltd provides a complete formation damage testing service encompassing:
  • High Temperature / High Pressure (HTHP) conditions (up to T = 200°C)
  • "Three-Phase" Gas/Oil/Brine
  • Viscous fluids
  • Scaling brines
  • PWRI
  • Dual Core Tests


All existing techniques have been developed in-house to the uppermost commercial standards and combined with the staff’s diverse oil field production technology knowledge; provide a fully independent integrated service towards all of Scaled Solutions Ltd’s highly valued customers.