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Jun 26, 2019


Formation Damage, Compositional Analysis, Inhibitor Return Monitoring
Scaled Solutions Ltd has invested in a Hitachi S-2600N Environmental SEM system to allow on-site sample analysis. This offers a wide range of applications including formation damage evaluation, compositional analysis and field inhibitor return monitoring. The Hitachi S-2600N provides high quality imaging and elemental analysis.
Formation Damage - High resolution examination core plug samples taken pre and post-test allow potential formation damage mechanisms to be identified. This may include precipitation, dissolution, fines mobilization, pore plugging. The Energy Dispersive X-ray system gives accurate elemental analysis.
Scale Identification – Ongoing support of field scale squeeze operations is offered by monitoring of field inhibitor return through examination of produced water filter samples to identify scale and estimate scale abundance.
We use our Hitachi S-2600N Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for:
  • Elemental Analysis (PGT – EDX System / Spirit Interface)
  • Variable Pressure – Back Scattered Electron Mode (VP-BSE)
  • High Pressure – Secondary Electron Mode (HP-SE)
  • Deben cool stage for examination of moist samples
  • Sample preparation including conductive gold coating