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Jun 26, 2019

Core Flooding

Scaled Solutions Ltd Core Analysis Team draw on high levels of industry experience in Chemistry, Engineering and Petroleum Geology to provide the highest level of service to new and existing clients for hydrocarbon flow assurance.

Through the continuous development of excellent laboratory facilities and case specific protocols, the Core Analysis Team have assisted a wide range of worldwide clients in limiting and solving production chemistry related Formation Damage, maximising squeeze lifetimes and establishing field specific criteria for cost effective water injection.
Core Analysis services cover the following aspects:
1.       Formation Damage
2.       Scale Inhibitor Retention & Release
3.       Drilling and Completion Fluid Formation Damage
4.       Water Injection (WI) / Produced Water Re-Injection (PWRI)
5.       ESEM
6.       Joint Industry Project (JIP)
The expansion of our Core Analysis services to cover Drilling & Completion Fluids, coupled with our existing technology in conventional Formation Damage and Chemical Treatment core floods, allows Scaled Solutions to provide a complete service from initial drilling through to “late life” field production.
All existing techniques have been developed in-house to the uppermost commercial standards and combined with the staff’s diverse oil field production technology knowledge; provide a fully independent integrated service towards all of Scaled Solutions’ highly valued customers.

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