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Jun 26, 2019

Consultancy and Training

In addition to providing internal consultancy and training in support of our laboratory studies, Scaled Solutions Ltd. also offers a range of external consultancy services and training courses to our clients.  Our training capabilities are provided by experienced lab staff, technical experts and senior internal consultants. 
Our Managing Director also provides a production chemistry / inorganic scaling course directly to the Society of Petroleum Engineers as part of their Continuing Education Programme.
Consultancy is provided in:-
  • Scale prediction,
  • Corrosion prediction,
  • Near wellbore simulation
  • Reservoir fluid flow simulation
  • Field management / chemical deployment strategies,
  • Produced water re-injection 
  • General production chemistry advice and consultancy.
Training is offered in:-
  • General production chemistry
  • Inorganic scales and corrosion
  • Near wellbore simulation tools
  • Laboratory based procedures and equipment

This work is conducted by staff with many years experience as Production Chemists in the oil and gas industry.  This includes both the company's Managing Director, Dr Gordon Graham, together with other senior advisors and highly experienced staff.  These staff each have over 20 years experience in the Operations and Service sectors.

If your company is interested in working with us in these areas, or if you have another area in which we can assist, please contact us using the contact link below;


Please find our references on our publications page via the following link: Publications