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Jun 26, 2019

About Us

Scaled Solutions Ltd is an independent laboratory testing facility, established in 1999 to service the Oil and Gas Production Industry. The company specialises in Flow Assurance, Production Chemistry and Formation Damage issues with particular emphasis on near wellbore treatments, scale and corrosion control, in addition to reservoir simulation and modelling studies.   The company has conducted a wide range of projects for multinational oil and gas companies, their service providers and chemical manufacturers. These include field specific chemical selection/optimisation including chemical treatments for inorganic and organic deposits, corrosion and emulsions, formation damage and chemical squeeze optimisation, core flood analysis and R+D. 

Laboratory Services: We have invested in state of the art laboratory facilities and high calibre personnel. In response to customer requirements, the company has continually developed its range of production chemistry and formation damage services. 
Several specialised test protocols have been established together with custom-designed equipment to allow chemical performance tests to be completed in more representative field application conditions for today’s ever more challenging production environments. These include:-
  • gas lift & gas treatment test facilities
  • anaerobic testing for more exotic scales
  • dynamic calcium naphthenate tests
  • electrochemical corrosion testing in multi-phase systems
  • HP/HT test facilities

Improved core flooding procedures have also been developed to investigate chemical treatments in gas production systems (three phase core flooding) in addition to chemical placement and recovery studies. 

These sophisticated procedures are supported by more conventional test protocols and formation damage evaluations. This enables Scaled Solutions to offer a complete range of laboratory services for chemical selection under oilfield production conditions and to determine optimised application strategies.

The laboratory work is supported by predictive modelling and reservoir simulation together with expert knowledge and understanding of field production issues. Relevant data analysis and simulation work allows appropriate selection and optimisation of treatments thereby maximising recovery and reducing overall operating costs.  


Next Steps

In 2007, we moved premises within Livingston giving us 4 times the space for laboratories and offices. The refurbishment allowed us to create spacious, bespoke laboratories to cater for the wide range of testing we can offer from routine tests to Research and Development, consultancy and equipment design and manufacture.
2013 saw the purchase of the adjacent unit at Nettlehill Road.  Refurbishment is now underway for completion later this year enabling us to double our capacity in this exciting stage of the development of our Livingston facilities.
We have invested in expansion in the Middle East and have opened offices/labs in Abu Dhabi. 
In addition we have plans afoot to increase our presence in Brazil, Norway and in USA.